Mobile Bible

This Mobile Bible (Alef-Omega?) was written by Jason Veitch in February 2010 due to the lack of Bible software available on the Nokia S60 platform and particularly the very well spec'd Nokia 5800 express. This is not supposed to replace software such as the commercial Olive Tree or the open source SymbianBible which aim to deliver full featured bible readers. After investigation there is downside currently to both these products which I cannot accept. This software provides a simple means to read English, Greek, Hebrew bibles (in fact any language supported by a font which can be installed on your phone) on a mobile phone which has a decent web browser. Please read the install options here.

Copyright Jason Veitch. Web and mobile generation code is released under the open source GPL licence.

Bible versions have their own copyright as follows: -

Please note this tool can be used to generate your own version of a mobile bible with the bible texts that you have rights to use. For example, my version uses texts from BibleWorks but the public version uses Public Domain texts.

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