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Frequently asked questions

How is this material different from other Christian playgroup resources?

Although there are several great resources for use in a Christian playgroup storytime (see the Resources section), we felt that it would be better to repeatedly present the "big picture" of the Bible, in various, interesting ways, rather than present random Bible stories which are only loosely, if at all, connected. We feel that approach does a dis-service to the wonderful logical story God gives us. Many of our audience have no Biblical background, and are not familiar with the big concepts we take for granted.

Why have you made this material available for free?

It takes a lot of time to prepare great material for a Biblically themed storytime at Playgroup. We want to share what we've done in the hope that it saves us all a lot of time in the future, and so we can work together on improving what we've developed, rather than 200 churches all spending many hours creating new material. We hope that this will increase the number of Christian playgroups teaching their community about the good news found in the Bible.

How do you access the material?

Everything for a single unit/term can be downloaded in one bundle. To be able to download, we require that you register (for free) with us. This helps us to know how many people are using the material, and to be able to ask for feedback from time to time.

How can I contribute back to the material for everyone to benefit?

Eventually we will have a forum where people can post their politely suggested improvements and creative ideas that they found worked well with a particular unit. We hope to constantly improve our material, with help from feedback.