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Program Philosophy

Our aim is that no matter how short a family's time at our Playgroup is, each member of that family would have a positive experience of our Christian faith and the name of Jesus. We hope that the parent/carer in particular, would gain an understanding of what God's big plan is for our world.

Our philosophy is to present the big themes of the Bible, so that God's beautifully logical story can be understood, rather than presenting random Bible stories. Our program repeatedly presents the various elements of the big picture of the Bible in a variety of fun, interesting storytimes, so that the message is emphasised frequently, without becoming monotonous.

It is our ideal that the basic truths taught in storytime are echoed in our conversations and visible in our lives.

Our storytime units are based around these 6 key doctrines (expressed in the same language I use in Storytime):

    1. God made the world...

    That means he is in charge of it. He cares for the world and looks after it.

    2. God loves the world...

    Everyone in the world is precious to God and he loves us very much. He wants us to be his friends.

    3. But, we don't listen to God...

    We don't live God's way. We do the things that he tells us not to. I get angry, and I get impatient. Sometimes I feel greedy and sometimes I'm not kind to other people. It is hard to live God's way.

    4. That means we can't be God's friends...

    Ignoring God and not listening to him means that we aren't God's friends. It's important that we listen to God, just like it's important for children to listen to their parents.

    5. But, there's good news. God sent Jesus!

    Jesus came to be our rescuer. He died on the cross instead of us (a bit like doing a big Time Out that we deserve). That means we can be friends with God again. Jesus is also our King, and so we want to follow him.

    6. Jesus will come back again...

    Jesus teaches us how to live God's way. We follow him as we grow up and live our lives. One day, Jesus will come back again. God's friends will live forever with him, in a beautiful new world where there will be no more sadness and no more pain.