What? The idea behind this website is to create a repository of the various resources that we (Jason and Heather) are creating as we live our lives serving the Lord Jesus.

Why? There are two driving factors: (1) there is an awful lot of duplication of effort within the Christian mission - that should not be! (2) it is a very strange but sad fact that many Christians create resources and immediately decide they should sell them - this should also not be! We are committed to using Open Technnologies to create royalty free, creative commons compatible resources.

How? It is right that we serve each other and help each other in our labours for the glory of Christ. We are convinced that if we share our resources and work together we can improve upon each others work and contribute it back for us all to use. Please join with us!

Interested? If you want to discuss this project, provide feedback or find out more send us an email: jason _at_ [Note the _at_ is really @].


Christian Playgroup Resources
Mobile Phone (J2ME) Biblical Greek and Hebrew Vocab testing tools
Mobile Phone Bible - English, Greek and Hebrew